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Unleash Collective Industry Intelligence

Fabscape is the premier open platform for vendor-independent data monitoring, management, and analytics across the entire production line.

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Live Walkthrough: The Fabscape Online Demo

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For Fabs

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    Accelerate Insights

    Deploy the custom monitoring and analytics solutions you need in a matter of days thanks to a single platform where you can retrieve, transform, and visualize data across your entire production line on a single platform.

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    Work Efficiently

    Apply AI models, isolate a single parameter, hot swap solutions, and bring multiple analyses together for efficient vendor-independent analytics.

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    Get Deeper Insights from Your Data

    Leverage new opportunities for vendor-independent intelligence and implement custom solutions from manufacturers and developers to optimize your equipment as a complete system.

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For Developers

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    Simplify Custom Solutions

    Build custom features using virtually any programming language on one single, streamlined platform.

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    Accelerate Your Process

    Accomplish custom development goals in a matter of days — not months — and port existing resources directly into Fabscape.

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    Expand Fab Capabilities

    Unlock new opportunities with a vendor-independent platform and build the precise capabilities your fab needs.

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For Equipment Manufacturers

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    Save Time

    Implement the custom equipment analytics solutions your customers request in a matter of days.

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    Save Resources

    Reduce unnecessary service calls by empowering your customers to solve their own problems with secure, vendor-independent equipment performance monitoring tools.

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    Increase Offerings

    Enhance your existing software solution, bring to life custom requests, or design a complete suite of equipment analytics solutions for your customers.

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FEATURESFABSCAPEEquipment Manufacturer3rd Party PlatformsFDC SystemMES
Cross-Vendor AI-Assisted Maintenance Planning
Cross-Vendor Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics Powered by AI
Custom Features Developed by Your Own Team
Cross-Vendor Equipment Performance Analysis
Single Dashboard for All Equipment
Tool Performance Summaries
Graphical View of Multiple Equipment Data
Customizable Data Analysis Across Equipment

With vendor-developed extensions

For same equipment manufacturer only

Sophisticated Analytics, Simplified

45% More Output, $15K Saved Revenue/Year, 120 Fewer Man Hours

News and Insights

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    Fabscape, the premier open platform for vendor-independent data monitoring, management, and analytics across the entire production line, has launched an online demo that allows users to test the power of open platform software firsthand.

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    It’s no secret that the semiconductor industry is hungry for data — and relies on efficient methods to capture and analyze it. Since 2005, Equipment Data Acquisition Standards (known as EDA Standards) have helped pave the way for both equipment users and suppliers to succeed in Smart Manufacturing practices.

  • News & PR

    While the semiconductor industry has been swift to collaborate on many things, improved production is not one of them. Historically, competitors have been quick to band together in the realm of research and design in order to settle on advancements such as a new standard wafer size.

Fabscape Launches Online Demo