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Shatter the Silos

Unleash Collective Industry Intelligence

Fabscape is the premier open platform for vendor-independent data monitoring, management, and analytics across the entire production line.

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Semiconductor Manufacturing Analytics Maturity Model: Where Are You on the Scale?

Fabscape Powers Progress for the Entire Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor technology is evolving. Worldwide demand is increasing. And the industry isn’t keeping up.

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It’s time for the industry to come together to build the tools that generate collective intelligence.

Technology is advancing—so should our processes.

See What Next-Generation Fab Intelligence Can Do for You

  • For Fabs

    Accelerate Insights — Deploy the custom monitoring and analytics solutions you need in a matter of days thanks to a single platform where you can retrieve, transform, and visualize data across your entire production line on a single platform.

    Work Efficiently — Apply AI models, isolate a single parameter, hot swap solutions, and bring multiple analyses together for efficient vendor-independent analytics.

    Get Deeper Insights from Your Data — Leverage new opportunities for vendor-independent intelligence and implement custom solutions from manufacturers and developers to optimize your equipment as a complete system.

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  • For Equipment Manufacturers

    Save Time — Implement the custom equipment analytics solutions your customers request in a matter of days.

    Save Resources — Reduce unnecessary service calls by empowering your customers to solve their own problems with secure, vendor-independent equipment performance monitoring tools.

    Increase Offerings — Enhance your existing software solution, bring to life custom requests, or design a complete suite of equipment analytics solutions for your customers.

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  • For Developers

    Simplify Custom Solutions — Build custom features using virtually any programming language on one single, streamlined platform.

    Accelerate Your Process — Accomplish custom development goals in a matter of days — not months — and port existing resources directly into Fabscape.

    Expand Fab Capabilities — Unlock new opportunities with a vendor-independent platform and build the precise capabilities your fab needs.

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Do More With Fabscape

FEATURESFABSCAPEEquipment Manufacturer3rd Party PlatformsFDC SystemMES
Cross-Vendor AI-Assisted Maintenance Planning
Cross-Vendor Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics Powered by AI
Custom Features Developed by Your Own Team
Cross-Vendor Equipment Performance Analysis
Single Dashboard for All Equipment
Tool Performance Summaries
Graphical View of Multiple Equipment Data
Customizable Data Analysis Across Equipment

With vendor-developed extensions

For same equipment manufacturer only

Sophisticated Analytics, Simplified

45% More Output, $15K Saved Revenue/Year, 120 Fewer Man Hours

News and Insights

  • News & PR

    Developers in the semiconductor space face a unique set of challenges when it comes to building data monitoring, management, and analytics solutions: proprietary platforms have rigid development environments that limit capabilities; platforms are siloed so developers have to recreate the same solutions to apply to different pieces of equipment; the complexity of developing on some platforms leads to long delays in developing custom features; and each platform may require knowledge of a different coding language.

  • News & PR

    Semiconductor Manufacturing Analytics Maturity Model: Where Are You on the Scale?
    How many times per minute can your engineering staff check your manufacturing data?

  • Published Papers

    When it comes to research and design, the semiconductor industry has a strong history of achieving transformational innovation by means of openness and knowledge-sharing. Since no single organization can bear the burden of the enormous expense involved in semiconductor research and design, industry-wide initiatives—even among traditional competitors—have paved the way for innovation that advances the entire industry.  

Maturity Assessment
News & PR
Semiconductor Manufacturing Analytics Maturity Model: Where Are You on the Scale?