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Fabscape is an open analytics platform that enables cross-vendor equipment performance monitoring, with the depth of insight that only vendor-specific data intelligence can provide.


90% of industry leaders polled say Fabscape will be game-changing.

Fabscape Powers Progress for the Entire Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor technology is evolving. Worldwide demand is increasing. And the industry isn’t keeping up.

It’s time for the industry to come together to build the tools that generate collective intelligence.

Technology is advancing—so should our processes.

See What Next-Generation Fab Intelligence Can Do for You

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  • Build secure extensions on the Fabscape open platform in a matter of days. The flexible development environment and helpful developer resources make it easy.

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Do More With Fabacape

FEATURESFABSCAPEEquipment Manufacturer3rd Party PlatformsFDC SystemMES
Cross-Vendor AI-Assisted Maintenance Planning
Cross-Vendor Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics Powered by AI
Custom Features Developed by Your Own Team
Cross-Vendor Equipment Performance Analysis
Single Dashboard for All Equipment
Tool Performance Summaries
Graphical View of Multiple Equipment Data
Customizable Data Analysis Across Equipment

With vendor-developed extensions

For same equipment manufacturer only

Sophisticated Analytics, Simplified

45% More Output, $15K Saved Revenue/Year, 120 Fewer Man Hours