Better Together—Build Intelligence by Building Community

Better Together— Build Intelligence by Building Community

Fabscape Makes Custom Solutions Simple

Whether you’re a tool manufacturer wanting to meet your customers’ needs with the most accurate and in-depth intelligence to improve performance, or a chip manufacturer wanting to build solutions unique to your operation, Fabscape provides a simple and secure development environment to meet every need.

How Is Fabscape Structured?


The Fabscape platform (or “backend”) is like the brain and heart of Fabscape. This is where data from all tools is securely collected, hosted, managed, and manipulated. The platform also manages drivers and plugins that add limitless capabilities to the system.


The visualizer (or the “frontend”) is the user-facing component of Fabscape. Chip manufacturers can use the sophisticated Fabscape visualizer, which is customizable and complete. Or, users can create their own consoles or even feed Fabscape extensions into their existing visualizers.

What Makes It So Easy to Develop on Fabscape?

Microservice Architecture

Every component of the Fabscape platform—from its core components to plugins and drivers—is housed inside Docker containers. A container is a standardized unit of software that contains the application itself along with all the dependencies necessary to execute it. It’s similar to a virtual machine, but instead of virtualizing hardware, a container virtualizes the operating system.

Flexible Development Environment

Fabscape provides custom data access and processing definitions through protocol buffers, so you can build extensions from the ground up using any programing language you know or integrate your past projects by porting your existing code into Fabscape.

Additional Features for Developers

Flexible Customization Options

Fabscape comes with chat and other messaging tools to collaborate with your entire team, all in one place.

Sample Code

Get started quickly with our sample code and templates for developing plugins and drivers.


Step-by-step tutorials walk you through the process of creating an extension on Fabscape.


Fabscape is designing hands-on workshops for developers—stay tuned!


Get the help you need from Fabscape’s expert support team.


Your proprietary data stays secure. Fabscape can be installed and run on-premises and doesn’t rely on cloud-based technologies. The microservice architecture keeps each component contained in its own sandbox.

Sophisticated Analytics, Simplified

45% More Output, $15K Saved Revenue/Year, 120 Fewer Man Hours