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Our Vision for Equipment Manufacturers

Fabscape Is Where the Semiconductor Industry Builds Progress

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Why Develop on Fabscape?

Because it’s time to shatter the silos, to offer the tools that empower chip manufacturers to solve their problems their way, to build the tools that accelerate the entire industry into the future—it’s time to develop for the intelligent-fab era.

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Empower Your Customers to Get the Precise Answers They Need

Each fab is different, and when you have to develop custom software modules to meet individual needs, your customer wastes valuable months while you spend valuable time and money.

By developing on Fabscape, you empower chip manufacturers to use your secure extensions to get the specific data and intelligence they need, almost instantly.

Secure UI

Reduce Unnecessary Service Calls by Enabling Cross-Vendor Equipment Performance Monitoring

It’s not always your tool that’s causing the problem, but it takes a lot of your resources to determine that.

When you develop secure extensions for your tools on Fabscape, chip manufacturers can synthesize vendor-specific intelligence across all equipment for cross-analysis.

This means that they can easily pinpoint which tool is causing their problem without calling for unnecessary service on your tool.

Cross Vendor Equipments

Increase Your Offerings, Not Your Expenses

As manufacturing processes become more complex, chip manufacturers require deeper insight and more sophisticated intelligence to optimize their equipment.

Meet their needs by building secure extensions on Fabscape. It costs nothing, and you can build an extension in a matter of days.

Increase Offering not Expenses

Use Fabscape Your Way

If you already have a robust software solution, use Fabscape extensions to complement it and meet all of your customers’ needs.

If you’re looking for a new or updated software solution, you can use Fabscape to quickly and easily develop everything your customers need.

Fabscape is endlessly configurable to meet the needs of every vendor and every fab.


Sophisticated Analytics, Simplified

45% More Output, $15K Saved Revenue/Year, 120 Fewer Man Hours

It’s Fast and Easy to Develop Extensions for Your Tools on Fabscape

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