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How Fabscape Began

Gigaphoton is a leading equipment manufacturer, building cutting-edge light source solutions that power precision everywhere chips are made. As a tool manufacturer serving device manufacturers worldwide, we live the problems of the entire semiconductor industry daily, and our customers agree that we’re really good at solving them.

When we set out to build software to support our equipment, we quickly realized that our customers each had unique needs and problems, and traditional solutions couldn’t address them all. We also realized that as technology was advancing, our customers increasingly needed deeper intelligence to sustain performance.

If we wanted to build custom solutions for each customer and solve for future problems, we couldn’t be just another vendor with another piece of software.

That’s why we decided to build our intelligence solutions differently. Fabscape’s microservice architecture has allowed Gigaphoton to build custom intelligence solutions to meet every customer’s needs, and we can do it in days instead of months.

But we don’t want to stop there. As industry experts, we know that demand is growing as quickly as transistor sizes are shrinking, and sustaining high yield will require unprecedented speed, flexibility, and depth of intelligence.

Fabscape can do more than solve problems for Gigaphoton. It can become a secure, collaborative intelligence platform that will solve problems for the entire semiconductor industry. And we think it’s time for all of us to come together to build the tools that accelerate the entire industry into the future.

Our Vision: Owned by the Industry

Fabscape began with Gigaphoton, but our vision is for this platform to be owned by the industry. As an open platform, its capabilities are only limited by the imagination of the industry—and we think the industry is pretty imaginative. Building extensions on Fabscape builds intelligence for the entire semiconductor community. What problems will YOU solve with Fabscape?

See What Next-Generation Fab Intelligence Can Do for You

Sophisticated Analytics, Simplified

45% More Output, $15K Saved Revenue/Year, 120 Fewer Man Hours